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Sunday, January 30, 2011


KK has new Glam Gang Girlz =) and this weeks challenge over at KKKG is "MY FAVOURITE THINGS"

A few of MY favorite things are:

- bling
- sparkles
- flowers
- great statements

Here is my card for this weeks challenge =)


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swirl Happy

I got a little swirl happy making this card.

I combined Gloria and Lisa's challenges to create this card.

Gloria's bi-weekly card challenge using this sketch.

Lisa's January Cricut challenge to use a die cut you have never used before. The swirls are from the Storybook Cartridge.

Thanks for the challenges ladies =) It was fun as usual =)


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Retirement Card

So, the Spicy House guy @ the food court at work is retiring and a couple ladies I work with are really sad about that.

Those little pockets of heaven (samosas) will not be the same without him making them.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

After 10 days

of straight snow this is now my back yard!!!

Now tonight on the news, they were saying that you need to clear the snow so that the meter readers can get through your yard with ease.

YIKES .. I don't even wanna tackle this back yard.

The snow stopped yesterday afternoon but it suppose to return on Thursday ... just great (insert rolling eyes here).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sympathy Card

A co-worker's father past away this last week.

A card for her and her family.


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Happy Birthday Trish

A card for Trish's birthday.

Happy Birthday Trish ( I know I know .. I'm a week early - lol)

Hope your day and year are most fab =)


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Happy Birthday V

A card I made for Vanessa's birthday.

Happy Birthday Vanessa =)

I know I'm a couple days early, but hope you have a most fantastic birthday on Monday =)


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Tracy's Birthday

A card for my sister's birthday which was on the 3rd.

Happy birthday sis!!

We are once again the same age .. for another month anyways - lol

TFL =)

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Shelley's Birthday & Gloria's Sketch Challenge

This is a card I made for Shelley birthday which was on the 7th. I'm a little late posting.

Happy Birthday Shelley =)

Sketch is for Gloria's bi-weekly card challenge.


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Sunday, January 9, 2011

KKKG "Love You" Challenge

This weeks challenge over at KKKG is "Love You".

You cant really tell by the pic but the hearts and the saying having pop dots under them.

I'm gonna try real hard this year to meet my goal of 365 projects in 365 days.

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TFL and hope you all join in the KKKG challenge this week =)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


We have got an obscene amount of snow this winter as far as I am concerned. I really don't like winter b/c of the snow. I like it b/c it's cold and I'd rather be cold then hot. I wouldn't mind the snow if it would fall everywhere but on the sidewalks and the roads .. lol .. a girl can dream cant she.

Right now in the front there are 2 big trucks out there going around in circles .. trying to pack the snow down I imagine. Nice men there are.

I'm so not leaving the house today.

This is what it looks like out my back door. The pic where you can see the BBQ is just under a roof ledge so there is now as much snow in that area but you get the feel for how much snow we have got.

Justin - Jan 2011

Justin asked me yesterday to take some pics of him ... so I did. I had no plan .. no perfect place picked out. It was snowing outside so we had to we stayed home and just did some in the living room. So hard to get him to smile ... I did manage to get one good smile outta him =)


Friday, January 7, 2011


Justin found this site where you can upload your pic and see what you would look like as an older person ...

This is me .. in the future ...

Here is the site if you wanna give it a try - lol


Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 Projects in 365 Days

December 31, 2009 I joined Christine in a project called "Project 365".

I had planned to get my scrap on in 2010 by doing 365 scrapbook related projects in 365 days.

I managed to get 235 projects done in 2010. I was 130 short. Nice try through and since I enjoyed it soo much last year I'm going to track again this year.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog =)