365 Projects In 365 Days

Friday, August 26, 2011


Its been a couple (three to be exact) weeks since I last posted. I've been in transition and not very motivated to get scrappy. I've bought a new computer ... a laptop =) It's been a process to transfer everything over from the old computer to this one and to learn all the differences. Everything is new and located in a different area. It's been a bit challenging to figure out how to do things that were so easy to do on the other computer (attaching documents, finding where the saved document went - lol, downloading this and that). Tonight I finally got all my digi stamps loaded up on the laptop and found their new location. Now, just to install the printer so I can print the images.

I've also been doing a photo challenge ... you can see the pics with this link. I've enjoyed being out and about again taking pictures. Way to many to upload here as well.


Anyhoo ... hope all is well with everyone in blogland .. hopefully I will get to get scrappy this weekend =)