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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ooohhh the PAPER trail

I started the big paper sort last weekend and well it continues.

I cant believe how much blue paper I seem to have .. weird and I hardly have any yellow or orange paper. Also amazing how many different shades of the same color of paper there are.

Such a HUGE job. I have one last pile about 8" thick to go with the 12x12 paper, the smaller sizes should go pretty darn quick as I believe most of it is just cardstock and solid colors.

I hope to be done sorting and putting it into the scraproom by the end of the weekend.

Anyhoo ... got lots of blog hoping to do .. I feel so behind this week. Gotta work tomorrow as well .. blah ..

Hope everyone is doing great!!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Butterfly Swap

I soooooo LOVE butterflies so when Gloria suggested a Butterfly Swap I could not resist at all.

I used this tutorial to cover these chipboard butterflies. I inked them all black first as I wanted just a bit of black coming through. I LOVE this technique and it gave me a chance to finally use the Pearl Ex a co-worker gave to me. They turned out sooo pretty. I love the texture and the colour of them. Pearl Ex colors I used were Super Russet and Brilliant Gold.

I cant wait until the swap is completed and to see everyone's creations =)

Sorry the glue shows a bit under the rhinestones as it was not dry yet and I was too impatient to wait - lol


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