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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ooohhh the PAPER trail

I started the big paper sort last weekend and well it continues.

I cant believe how much blue paper I seem to have .. weird and I hardly have any yellow or orange paper. Also amazing how many different shades of the same color of paper there are.

Such a HUGE job. I have one last pile about 8" thick to go with the 12x12 paper, the smaller sizes should go pretty darn quick as I believe most of it is just cardstock and solid colors.

I hope to be done sorting and putting it into the scraproom by the end of the weekend.

Anyhoo ... got lots of blog hoping to do .. I feel so behind this week. Gotta work tomorrow as well .. blah ..

Hope everyone is doing great!!!



scrapeahappy said...

Oh my! That is a lot of work to do! But being organized will help tremendously when you do get crafty! Additionally it helps motivate you to stay neat because you know how much work it was tobget the room organized exactly the way you want it!

darlin said...

Holy smokes Tammy, you could start up your own business! That's a lot of paper and what ambition you have to sort it all out! Totally off topic, how are you enjoying your new vehicle?

scrapeahappy said...

Hey Tammy! Thanks for all the comments on my blog tonight! You are so kind to be a follower and visit it frequently! Those butterfly stamps are darling! So, I know you aren't buying anything you said because you have lots, but what would happen if you received some of these cuties in the mail from someone else?

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

Hey Darlene .. the Jeep is GREAT .. I sooo LOVE it =)

Hey Rachel .. if I came home one day to find cute butterflies in my mailbox I would not "return to sender" lol

darlin said...

That's so awesome Tammy, any vacations with your jeep as of yet? I guess I could send this to you on facebook but I'm here in blogger right now so what the heck! :-)

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

no vacations just yet Darlene .. I'd have to learn to drive on the highway first - lol

darlin said...

Tammy I had to learn how to do the same thing, the only way to do it is to just get out there and drive. I've been highway driving now for about 2 years and loving it! I love to go out to the farm and to do so I need a way to get there! :-)