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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Box - O - Cards

So, Trish and I are thinking of joining in a craft sale they are having at work.

I was thinking I would make these little boxes with cards in them. I made some like this at a crop I went to in February and thought they were really cute.

They are 3x3 cards.

This is my demo box.

I am still wondering if these would sell.

I did 4 cards for this box but it could fit 6 easily in the box.

So, I ask you ..

Do you think these would sell?

How much would you price them at?

4 or 6 cards?

Do you think they cards need to be more elaborate or does it work to keep them simple?

TFL and TIA for any advice you give :-)


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

I love them!
I think the cards are perfect!
4 mini cards & box I would sell for 5 bucks :) but everyone says I'm cheap & easy :)))

nscropper said...

Those are fabulous. :) I would keep them simple and do six in a box. you shouldn't have any problem selling them.

Paola said...

Very nice Tammy.
Six in a box is a nice amount.
For these cards I would say $5-6.

For more elaborate up to $9.99
I would post the pics and ask the quesion on the board.

I think you should make some framed art like you did at Christmas for variety. The butterfly you made for me is beautiful I look at it everyday.

Good Luck!

Tammy said...

Thanks V, Cindy and Paola :-)

Paola, the ones I did at Christmas with the frames .. most of those ornaments in them were Christmas ornaments .. so, I dont think I will be able to find ones like it at this time of year.

Paola said...

How about the butterflies?

You could also be creative and come up with beautiful things I'm sure. Flowers, birds, home theme, baby girl, baby boy, I love my garden, etc...Just a thought because you were so good at it.

Tammy said...

Those butterflies were in the Christmas stuff .. but you know .. I am sure I could find something somewhere ... hmm .. now you have me thinking .. there will be another craft sale at Christmas time I'm sure ..

craftymccrafter said...

Tammy I think they are great. They are cute and handy to have. i think you could sell them easily. I love the little box as well.