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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lollypop Swap

I'm hosting a lollypop swap on CSS&C.

I soooo love Prima's lollypop flowers and thought it would be cool to get a variety of flowers from a swap :-)

I know the ladies will do a wonderful job creating unique flowers.

These are the ones I did for the swap. The purple & black ones.

I originally started with the gold & black ones made out of transparency. They were alot of work and super messy to make. I got bored of them real fast. I made enough to give everyone 1 of them along with the purple & black ones.

I hope everyone has fun with the swap. I cant wait to see everyones when they arrive :-)


Paola said...

Love the Gold ones they are excellent.

T in Etown said...

oh those gold ones are stunning...nice work T..

Scrapthat said...

Oh T...I'm sorry you gave up on the transparency ones...I told ya' they were gorgeous! Ah well sometimes not worth the mess but gave you some gorgeous flowers for your future pages.

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

oooooooohhhhhhhhh I LOVE THE GOLD ONES!!!! Isn't it that everything gorgeous is TOO MUCH WORK!!! lol

darlin said...

Yup, the gold ones win! :-) Nice to see your creativity again Tammy, are you almost into the Christmas cards yet?

Tammy said...

Awww man .. thanks ladies !!

Everyone seems to really like the gold ones .. maybe I should just finish them up and use them for the swap .. all the circles are already cut .. it is just a matter of versa marking and heat embossing them... hmmm .. decisions decisions ..

Darlene .. have not started Christmas cards just yet .. I have joined so many swaps I am going to have to try to fit Christmas cards in .. lol

nscropper said...


Paola said...

Did I tell that I'm still drooling over these? I'm typically not a fan of lollipop flowers but yours are iresistable!

Tammy said...

lol thx P ..

While V was here she totally helped me finish the gold and black ones so everyone is getting 3 of each flower :-)