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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All I Want 4 Christmas

All I Want 4 Christmas .. is SOCKS????????

You would think so by the looks of this! I came home from work 2 nights ago and this is what I saw. I asked him why he was wearing those .. to put them in the garbage. He claims these are the only pair of "clean" socks he has and that he was in a rush for school. He then told me that he had yoga during fitness class today and had to take his shoes off - LMAO!!!!!!! Remember your mom always telling you to wear clean underwear "just in case" ... well maybe I will have to remind him to wear socks without huge ass holes in them. He has about 30 pairs of socks so there really should be no excuses. He did end up doing his laundry that night .. guess he didn't want a repeat - lol

I HATE feet and can't believe I'm even posting this ..


Scrapthat said...

LOL! I am not a foot pic type person either but that is one big ass hole dude!

beta_rose said...


I am surprised he still had the heelOL

darlin said...

Oh my goodness, is that the new grunge look in socks! Too funny! Boys will be boys eh? lol

mow180 said...

I would think that would be terribly uncomfortable!! Aren't boys a scream?