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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

After 10 days

of straight snow this is now my back yard!!!

Now tonight on the news, they were saying that you need to clear the snow so that the meter readers can get through your yard with ease.

YIKES .. I don't even wanna tackle this back yard.

The snow stopped yesterday afternoon but it suppose to return on Thursday ... just great (insert rolling eyes here).


darlin said...

Not a chance am I even going to attempt to get a path cleared, even if I was nuts enough to attempt to do this I might not ever be seen ever again, it's that deep! When the city of Edmonton removes some of this snow so that I can start new piles then ya no problem, where are we supposed to pile it in the meantime is what I'm curious about. Sheeesh idiots is all I can say, they can estimate the bills. Did they say if they were going to fine those of us who don't have a path cleared? I'd go to court over that bill. Thanks for the heads up Tammy.

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

They never said one way or another if there were going to be fines.

They should totally estimate the readings for a couple months .. makes sense to.

The piles are so flipping high .. my shoulder and elbow are aching so bad b/c now I'm lifting the shovel above my head b/c the piles of snow are taller then me!

There is just no where to put anymore snow.