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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Window Well

ACK!!! I hate water sometimes. We had sooo much snow still in the front yard that when it finally warmed up for a couple days the window well started to take on water. Justin and I had to shovel snow that was up past our knees off the grass and into the parking stalls. Once we had all the snow off the grass we then had to bail the water out of the window well with a bucket. Fun times I tell ya. Couldn't have asked for a better holiday Monday off then that. NOT!!! Thankfully b/c this is considered common property in the condos we live in, it is their responsibility to fix the issue. We've had some water on the inside of the window sill but not sure behind the drywall. They are to look at that too. As you can see they dug out the window well area .. it's about 6 feet open down there .. I suppose that is why they put up the caution tape. Dont need any kids falling in there. Anyhoo .. here are the pics.

Bye bye to all my jeeper creepers that were going to start coming up soon =(


darlin said...

Yikes, at least your entire basement didn't flood thank goodness. I was worried about the snow melting and flooding here as well but thankfully the lawn slopes away from my house or what a mess that would have been. There were some people downtown or close to downtown where the water main broke and they all had to evacuate, I never heard if the city covered the costs or not. Did you by chance hear anything about it?

Tammy (Scrappy and T) said...

Yes, it could have been alot worse for sure Darlene. I didnt hear about the water main. That would suck to be evacuated and not know whats happening to your house.