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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Well .. my stay'cation is coming to an end :( One more day and then its back to work. I took the week off to Christmas shop and do stuff around the house. I shopped on average of 4-8 hrs per day. I'm totally exhausted and my feet are killing me. I only have 2 gifts left to buy =) I even bought myself some prezzies .. some new hoop earrings and a new dinette set. It doesn't come til Dec 12th. I was excited to get the snowmen out. I wont set the tree up til we are well into December. Here are some pics of the snowmen and the new dinette set.


Scrapthat said...

VERY cute Tammy! and I love the Dining room table! ENJOY it when you get it :D

darlin said...

Your dinette set is very similar to mine... great minds think alike! :-) Your snowmen are adorable, it won't be much longer til we can get out there and make the real ones, brrrr.