365 Projects In 365 Days

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life & LOs

Life has been a little crazy with the last 3 months with lots of ups and downs ... bad news and good news. Finally it seems things have settled down and I'm getting back to my normal routines. As you may or may not know we had to put our cats downs within a day of each other. They were both very sick. Hal asked me to do him an album of the cats so I am of course. I was going to his and my album together but I decided against it. I just want to get his done then work on mine. Here are some LOs I did today. I couldn't believe I got 4 done today .. it was very exciting :D Its been awhile since I scrapped =) 46 - 50 of 365 TFL
The mouse trap LO says MOUSE TRAP When we ended up with a mouse in house, Paws & CJ were ready to track it down. The mouse was hiding behind the dishwasher. There is a hole in the cupboard under the kitchen sink where the hose from the dishwasher connects to the water. The mouse would come in and out of that hole, surely taunting the cats. The cats would sit in the cupboard waiting for it to poke its head out. I put a blanket down to the entrance of the kitchen. I didn’t want that little mouse running all through the house. Yes, I’m well aware a blanket isn’t going to stop the mouse – lol. The cats were protecting me from the mouse and they took their place on the blanket. It was all way too cute. I don’t know what ever happened to that mouse but I knew that cats would get it if they could. Thanks boys!!!