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Sunday, April 12, 2009


OH boy!

Justin woke up Saturday (April 11/09) morning and said he was ready to take the test again. He had studied this time and wanted to go now.

Sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting was a good sign that he was on his way to passing the test. When I saw him get up and go over to the counter he flashed me a cheeky grin. I knew he passed and I knew things are going to be oh so much more difficult - lol. He wanted to drive immediately when we left the registries. I took him to an empty parking lot (that is where I spent my 1st days behind the wheel).

The 1st round of driving in the parking lot was good. He was so excited. He had a permagrin. He didn't need much direction. He knew what to do which kinda made me wonder where he learned it from. When I asked him, he said he learned to drive from race car video games. OH DEAR!! I knew he spent too much time in the arcade - lol

The 2nd round of driving we went back to the same parking lot .. this time we had my friend Shelley in the back seat. He was doing well again .. a little more cocky which I didnt like at all. There was another vehicle in the parking lot this time. A lady sitting there reading the paper or something. at one point Justin decided he needed to practicing backing up. Well .. everything was going well until he stepped on the gas and not the brake .. the fence was coming at us pretty fast and the tires on the gavel made that rushed sound .. YIKES! I did freak out a bit. That was the end round 2.

Gotta look into drivers Ed .. not sure how much of this I can handle - lol


nscropper said...

I'm not looking forward to that part of things, LOL

~ Mylene ~ said...

Very cool! Congratulations, Justin!

Tammy....you'll survive...be brave!

Peace ~


Anonymous said...

Yup, Driver's lessons will save your sanity and your relationship with Justin.
If he is too sure of himself in a parking lot, watch out on the road! Good Luck to both of you.

Paola said...

WTG Justin!
These photos will make a terrific layout.

darlin said...

Well congrats to Justin! I hear you Tammy, I took Michelle out once but I braved the roads with her driving, I'll just say that I'm very grateful that she took her drivers lessons! She passed her drivers with zero errors too! So ya, save that grey hair from prematurely showing up and go for the lessons would be my suggestion!

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

wooHoo J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it'll be ok T :)))))