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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Swap Angel

I stepped in to be a swap angel for someone who was unable to do a swap she signed up for. It happens sometimes. She was to do deco squares. Thankfully there are not a ton of people in the swap. Doing deco squares means you have to do 4 per person. There are only 6 people so a total of 24 deco squares were done. They are all packed up and ready to be passed on the the hostess :-)


Paola said...

Super cute T.

nscropper said...

What a kind thing to do. :)
Love the colors you used and the flowers ... is that a punch?

darlin said...

That was mighty kind of you Tammy, did you have to make those 24 squares on short notice?

I got one other question for you, how do you make music play when someone opens up your blog? I think that's so cool, although the first time I was looking at Justin's grad pic, I had my own music playing and my headphones on, I got a tad bit confused...especially after I turned off my music and there was still music playing! Shhhh don't tell anyone but it took me a few mins. to figure out it was coming from your blog! LOL

Have a good day Tammy, I really enjoy what you share here, thanks!