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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yuppers after driving the same car for 14 years I have finally bought a new vehicle =)

Ever since Justin got his license a couple months ago, I have soooo hated sharing my car with him. He is sooo excited to have a license now and all he wants to do is drive. I cant blame him however, it left me stranded at home most evenings and weekends.

I bought this new 2010 Jeep Compass when Justin was at Hal's for the weekend. He was shocked when he came home and saw it and even more shocked when I handed over the keys to my other car to him.

Other then that nothing much is new here. I was on holidays the last week however, ended up sick with the stomach flu for 5 days .. blah!!

Getting crafty this afternoon as I have to finish the recipe swap I'm hosting and it was due on July 1st .. good thing I have not rec'd anyone's swap yet - lol. I'm hosting an "international" recipe swap and will post mine later this afternoon =)


Scrapthat said...

I bet Justin was over the moon to have gotten your old vehicle!! You're a sweet Mama!

darlin said...

Tammy it's about time you treated yourself and what an amazing vehicle you picked out! I bet that Justin LOVES your new vehicle, that gives him your old wheels! Good for you Tammy, you more than deserve this!

Sorry to hear that you were sick during your holidays, that sucks!

Have an awesome Sunday!

Stampi said...

soooo happy for you T...

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

This looks awesome!
I might have to come over for a ride :)
I am so happy for you!!!