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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20/09

I did it!!! I did It!!!

Usually I procrastinate forever when I want to buy something (that is not scrappy of course).

My sister picked me up from work today at 2:30 (yes, I ditched work 1.5 hours early) and we headed over to Sears who is having a sale on Treadmills.

We had a wonderful sales man names Kemal. He listened to my questions and recommended what he thought was the best for my budget. This one was on sale last weekend only and is regular price $1499.99. He said because it was only 2 days ago he would give it to me at the sale price it was on for which was $850.00. I thought .. K - not a bad deal. After awhile we left to "think" about it. I was sitting in the mall on a bench waiting for Tracy to come back. I pulled out the Sears flyer I happened to have in my purse. There was a treadmill in the flyer that looked exactly like the one I was looking at. Pull out the sheet I took from the store and sure enough it was the exact same one!!! For $749.99 not $850.00.

So off we went back to Sears, I haul out the flyer .. he looks into it and sure enough .. 2 days ago it was $749.99 .. his mistake. So, he sold it to me for $749.99 :-)

I am excited .. I got the treadmill for half price :-) YAY! I have to wait until Feb 4th to pick it up now .. but soon .. I will have my new treadmill :-)


Paola said...

Happy for you Tammy. How exciting!

scrapea&happy said...

Very Exciting Tammy! Deals are so much fun!

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

WTG girl! great deal too!

Tammy said...

I am still very excited about it :-) I cant wait!!!

nscropper said...

Way to go. :) I'd love to have a treadmill too.