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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan 24/09

Well .. here are 3 of 9 of the canvas's I did to hang on the wall. Let me tell you it is darn hard to try and hang these by yourself. I was trying to hold a level, a meter stick, and a pencil to try and mark the wall where I wanted to place the nail by myself and it was not going well at all. I know my limits so i had to stop before I got PO'd.

I only got 3 hung (and they don't even look straight in this picture) b/c I need help. I was hoping to get it done tonight but Justin has a friend over and they are doing other stuff.

I hope tomorrow to get the other 6 up.


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

very nice job T...maybe put some sticky zots behind the pic to keep them straight...just a thought :)
but the canvases look great!

Tammy said...

I thought about that .. once I have them all up I will get em all straight .. lol

nscropper said...

looking good ... :)