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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Project 365

Jan 5/09

"Insulin Junkie"

Having diabetes SUCKS! It really does! The HIGHS ... the LOWS ...

I take insulin twice a day. In the morning I take 22 units and before bed I take 26 units.

I HATE needles! Imagine .. a diabetic who hates needles.

I have to poke myself with a needle that jets out of a pen like instrument to test my sugars. Then twice a day use this insulin pen and poke myself again! I have sooo many bruises on my body from these blasted needles!

I have had diabetes for 6 years now and it does not get better. Still to this day, my hands get all sweaty and I have to take a deep breathe before I am able to poke myself. Some days it can take me up to 5 minutes to get the nerve up to do it.

It really does SUCK!!!


nscropper said...

You know, even though I don't mind needles, I don't know if I could poke myself .. there has got to be a easier way.

Tammy said...

I dont know .. I have been doing it for years and I still dont like it ..